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Updated: May 9, 2021

Yes, the Corona period has it all and we are all challenged. Be it in the home office where the ceiling sometimes falls on our heads (German expression ;-)), the lack of hugs and social contacts or the constant presence of the pandemic in the media. Yes, it is sometimes difficult to calm down, to think positive thoughts and to spend the day stress-free and fulfilled. But what strategies are there to calm our thoughts, to be with ourselves and to develop positive feelings?

When I travelled through Asia 4 years ago, I got to know the Vipassana meditation and meditated for 14 hours a day for a week outside Yangon in Myanmar, which to be honest I didn't find funny at first ;-)! At 3am we were woken up by a gong and the practice started with a walking meditation, changed to a sitting meditation and back again. As I said, this wasn't easy for me at the beginning and I noticed how my thoughts kept wandering and I just couldn't concentrate on my breathing. But practice makes perfect and on the fourth day I experienced a state of peace, fulfilment and contentment that I had never experienced before. Since that week, meditation practice has become a part of my life and it always helps me to calm my thoughts and be completely with myself.

If you are in a home office and would like to take a 30-minute break to calm down, the May Vitality Challenge is for you. In these short meditations I will open an access to the world of BEING with visualisations, meditation practices and body scans. You can register for a trial lesson without obligation to get to know this practice for your mental strength.

Click here to register for your trial lesson: HERE

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