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My clients and my working methods
I mainly coach people who want to realign themselves professionally, who want to realise a dream or who are in a blocking situation and cannot take action.

My clients benefit from a variety of methods that I have acquired in my repertoire through training and through my work with organisations, teams and leaders. For me, the well-being of my clients is central and I work primarily with each person's own resources.

If you would like to work with me, you can expect the following:
I support you in recognising your own resources, developing them further and acquiring new ones. My coaching sessions aim at self-efficacy and I am convinced that the solutions to our challenges usually lie dormant within ourselves. With my neutral position and the introduction of new perspectives, I support you in making decisions, taking action and overcoming blockages.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Melanie Troxler

  • Discover, develop and live your potential!

  • Too many options available? Find out which way you want to go.

  • When self-doubt prevents you from achieving your goals.

  • You have a vision, but don't know how to implement it?

  • Learn to deal with conflicts in a team.

  • Regain strength and joy through a vitality session.

  • Clarification of your request

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