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Do you want to increase the impact and sustainability of your organization? Create new valuable offers and approaches that create added value for your target group and beneficiearies?

Explore how you can benefit of Melanova Coaching's Innovative module and contact us now!


Social innovation through employee involvement

Organizations are living organisms that consist of their employees. Real change and innovation comes from within.


Holistic view
on organization & governance


Benefit from established management models and the exclusive governance assessment of

Aid Governance.

Network of coaches and specialists

Benefit from a neutral outside perspective, coaching and innovation techniques as well as an international network of specialists.

Seminars & Workshops

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  • What is social innovation and how will it be a change maker in society?
    What is social innovation and how will it be a change maker in society?
    Tue, Apr 09
    Apr 09, 2024, 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
    Apr 09, 2024, 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
    Get to know the power of social innovation and how knowing our organizations and our selves brings out solutions for today's challenges.

your innovation team

Melanie Troxler

The competence and openness to reflect and get to know yourself as a person and organization hold enormous potential for innovation and development. In order for organizations to fulfill their purpose or achieve their vision, employees are crucial. Because organizations are living organisms that need space for exchange so that innovative strength becomes possible.

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Innocent Masayira

Social innovation helps organizations better recognize and appreciate the uniqueness, continuous development and importance of their organization's health. It helps them develop learning-oriented systems and practices that make them more effective in their roles by becoming more humane, inclusive and ecological. It is driven by the belief that it is time to be creative and to imagine and test new forms of human organization that build on the achievements of the past and the needs of the future.

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Andreas Troxler

Questioning what already exists and creating targeted moments of inspiration for new things are the breeding ground for all innovations. Personally, I am interested in new ways of living and working and everything that needs to be rethought due to digitalization. My motivation is to create added value for the economy and society with new concepts. As an entrepreneur, I have turned my own ideas into products. I am very pleased to be able to contribute my knowledge and creativity as a consultant to Melanova Coaching.

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Patrick Renz

Our approach is characterized by scientific foundation, practical applicability and pragmatic implementation. The development of our governance model at the University of St. Gallen and the practical refinement with over 60 organizations worldwide enable us to quickly gain an integrative and systemic view of an organization, even in complex contexts. The joint development of ideas for practical implementation and value-adding interaction within and outside the organization ensures a comprehensive view of organizational dynamics. Together we develop creative transformation ideas

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Anyone who knows their organization knows where to start. Anyone who creates spaces for reflection allows innovation to grow. Melanie Troxler



  • Accompaniment Introduction of the Green Rooster environmental management system in 8 parishes of the Catholic Church in the city of Lucerne
  • Accompanying the development of the international sustainability network
    Don Bosco Green Alliance
  • Governance assessment to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of the organization Ciudad Don Bosco