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Change creator  program

The Change Creator program aims to contribute to solving today's challenges. The various modules, seminars and coaching units address the following needs and drivers so that the necessary changes can find space in society and solutions can be created and implemented:

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HOLISTIC LEADERSHIP: Business, politics and civil society need leaders who have the ability to think, act and make decisions holistically and based on values.


WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: The potential of women in leadership is great. In addition to men, there needs to be more women in leadership who take responsibility and use their feminine strengths and have the confidence to do so.


SOCIAL INNOVATION: We need people in organizations who can reflect on themselves and their work, develop new ideas and approaches, and whose actions have a positive impact on the mission of the organization, society and the environment.


SUSTAINABILITY: It is essential to adapt our way of thinking and behavior in our daily activities, be it private or business, to the challenges of the times. A cultural change towards sustainability and prudent action is needed. The question is how we can approach change so that no one is left behind.

Concentrated INTERNATIONAL load of knowledge & experience
The following partners support the Change Creator program:

Bettina Dürrenberger

Business economist and coach

Location: Switzerland



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  • Accompaniment Introduction of the Green Rooster environmental management system in 8 parishes of the Catholic Church in the city of Lucerne
  • Accompanying the development of the international sustainability network
    Don Bosco Green Alliance
  • Governance assessment to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of the organization
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