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sustainability power

🌿 Would you like to contribute to the sustainable development of our world? Would you like to promote a cultural change towards ecological and socially responsible thinking and action? Do you need support with goal setting and implementation?

Our international sustainability team offers you comprehensive advice and individual coaching to accompany you on your way to making sustainable decisions as a leader, team and organization.


🌍 With us you will receive answers on how you can change behavior and approach cultural change in organizations, teams and management levels strategically and operationally. You will also receive support in introducing environmental management systems.

Contact us today and start your journey towards a sustainable lifestyle and sustainablen decisions. Together we are shaping a world that we can proudly leave to our next generations! 💚



Seminars & Workshops


  • Accompanying the development of the international sustainability network Don Bosco Green Alliance
  • Accompaniment Introduction of the Grüner Güggel environmental management system in 8 parishes of the Catholic Church in the city of Lucerne
  • Event organization Don Bosco 200 Run


more modules

Changing for success as a leadership and business change through innovation and evolution

Seminars, workshops and coaching tailored to promote holistic and values-based leadership.

River stones

Seminars and coaching for social innovation to initiate change from within and live the organizational vision together with employees.

Hands, support and solidarity in team with community in workplace, professional partnership

Seminars, workshops and coaching that strengthen and support women in taking on their leadership role authentically and naturally.

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