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The stronger gender in management

Contribution of Bettina Dürrenberger

The physically stronger sex is the man in the narrative and certainly also biologically. He is often taller, stronger, has a deeper voice and therefore a more imposing appearance. They make an impact through their appearance alone.

We women do too, but perhaps often weaker than men. We are more petite and our voices are higher. There have long been voice training programmes designed to help women make a greater impression by lowering their voice slightly. They can take up more space in meetings by sitting a little wider and spreading documents across the table. THE REVIER IS MINE - signalise. Definitely great tricks and important to know as a woman - we come across differently.

Higher and higher, further and further...?

But much more important for me is our inner attitude. We are different and perhaps not as physically strong as men. But we are not the weaker sex. We have a strength within us that we forget because the world unfortunately still places too little value on it. The idea that everything, i.e. we as people, companies and teams, have to become more and more efficient is wrong in my opinion and has no future. At some point, it will no longer work. People are not here to achieve more and more. It's simply not about the strongest always winning and empathy and inner warmth are not a nice-to-have but a must! There is no other way. Our children are stressed by the pressure to perform, employees are groaning under the constant changes and the question remains - how much further?

We need to think differently

Let's rethink! Let's question the leadership, the strengths that are needed for this and today's norms. Let's try to get away from "always have to" and think honestly about how we can integrate EVERYONE in this society, in a company, in a community. How we can be goal-orientated AND compassionate. How we can take care of nature (because resources are FINITE) and build successful business models. Let's encourage older people with experience and younger people with little know-how. Let's elevate men and women to leadership and clearly rethink the strengths that are needed.

Women are needed in leadership

Dear women, we are needed! We need our wisdom, our intuition and our will to change things. It can't go on like this. We must, may and will take on a role in leadership in order to help shape things.

And the first step starts with us: What is important to us? What are we missing at the moment? What do we need so that we can live out our strengths more? So that we recognise and live them, talk about them and integrate them naturally. So that we can support the men on the carpet, because let's be honest - they've been doing the job on their own for long enough. It takes us to make a change. Let's have the courage to be authentic.

The first step is you... your courage.

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