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People find a balance between their private and professional life and develop and live their potential. 

Organisations use the resources of their employees to create sustainable solutions together for a good working atmosphere and an efficient and effective way of working.


  • I coach and advise people in leadership positions.

  • I coach and advise people who want to build their own business

  • I coach and advise people who are at a turning point and want change.

  • I coach and advise teams that are in a process of change and want to create new parameters for successful cooperation.


  • Successful accompaniment of development processes as well as reorganization processes of more than 15 organizations & companies in close accompaniment of leaders and teams (individual as well as team coachings).

  • Thematic focus: Change and development processes, organizational development, team building, project management, financial planning, fundraising, governance, intercultural communication, environmental management.

  • 10 years of experience in development cooperation

  • 5 years experience in sustainability projects

  • Management of national and international multilateral projects

  • Elaboration of about 200 concepts, project proposals and business plans

  • Management of own company for 4.5 years

  • Professional and private change processes: lived, worked and studied abroad 3 times 

  • Mental training


Professional skills
  • Business Administration studies with focus on Public & Nonprofit Management (Bachelor)

  • CAS Coaching, University of Education Zug Coaching concept (German)

  • Adult educator SVEB I

  • Facilitator climate talks

  • 5 languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian)


What makes me
  • Intuition in processes with people and teams

  • Connect people

  • Strategic thinking

  • Process oriented thinking

  • Joined-up thinking

  • Participative approach

  • Innovative vein and development of concepts

  • Combination of efficiency and quality


  • Mutual respect

  • Honesty

  • Working at eye level

  • Less is more

  • Strength is found in serenity

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