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Development – Realisation – Participation - Turning potential into lighthouse projects


I studied business administration in Lucerne, specialising in public and non-profit management. I worked for five years as a manager and project manager for an international aid organisation and was responsible for projects in Latin America, establishing the Asian funding focus and initial funding relationships in South Africa. I also advised, trained and coached leaders and teams in established NGOs in Colombia, Ghana, India, Brasil and Switzerland on leadership, fundraising and impact measurement to increase their sustainability and positive impact. Since 2018, I have been working as a coach, trainer and consultant with certified coaching training in organisational and human resource development. I advise, train and coach on business topics as well as leadership issues. I am also co-author of a article in the Caritas Switzerland Almanach Development Policy 2016 on the topic of "Vocational training against poverty".


Coaching-, Training- and Consulting Focuse

  • Coaching of cultural change towards a sustainable, value-oriented and meaningful working environment.

  • Intercultural leadership and international and national network building.

  • Coaching and consulting on mission statements and implementation strategies as well as business plans for non-profit organisations, public corporations and social businesses.

  • Consulting, training and coaching of prospective, new and established leaders.

  • Personal development: recognising potential and strengths and using them.

  • Social innovation and product development


Organisations and companies, together with their employees, achieve a positive impact for our society and environment and create and live sustainable working models and values.

People find joy, fulfilment and a sense of purpose in their professional and private life models and are part of the solution to the challenges of the time.


  • I coach and advise established organisations and companies to increase their positive impact on society and the environment and to approach change and development processes in a targeted way.

  • I coach and advise start-ups and growing organisations to implement professional structures, processes and strategies.

  • I coach and advise people in leadership positions who want to work participatively and at eye level with their stakeholders.

  • I coach and advise teams that are in a process of change and want new parameters for a successful and effective collaboration.

  • I coach and advise people who are at a turning point and want more joy and meaning in their professional and private lives.

  • I coach and advise people who want to realise a project of the heart.


  • Successful accompaniment of development processes as well as reorganization processes of more than 15 organizations & companies in close accompaniment of leaders and teams (individual as well as team coachings).

  • Thematic focus: Change and development processes, organizational development, team building, project management, financial planning, fundraising, governance, intercultural communication, environmental management.

  • 10 years of experience in development cooperation

  • 5 years experience in sustainability projects

  • Management of national and international multilateral projects

  • Elaboration of about 200 concepts, project proposals and business plans

  • Management of own company for 5 years

  • Professional and private change processes: lived, worked and studied abroad 5 times 

  • Mental training

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Professional skills
  • Business Administration studies with focus on Public & Nonprofit Management (Bachelor)

  • CAS Coaching, University of Education Zug Coaching concept (German)

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Adult educator SVEB I

  • Facilitator climate talks

  • 5 languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian)


What makes me
  • Intuition and experience in change and development processes with people and teams

  • Connect people

  • Strategic thinking

  • Process oriented thinking

  • Joined-up thinking

  • Participative approach

  • Innovative vein and development of concepts

  • Combination of efficiency and quality


  • Mutual respect

  • Honesty

  • Working at eye level

  • Less is more

  • Strength is found in serenity

Media & publications

Fürhungscoaching Teamcoaching Luzern
Almanach Entwicklungspolitik 2016
Das Caritas-Jahrbuch zur humanitären Schweiz. Schwerpunkt: Mit Berufsbildung gegen Armut

Beitrag von Melanie Troxler und Hans-Jürgen Dörrich
Private Bildungsakteure in den Ländern des Südens:
Beispiel Don Bosco

Zum Buch: Berufsbildung gegen Armut


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