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The development of leadership qualities makes a significant contribution to the satisfaction of managers and employees as well as the success of the organization! 🌟


The world of leadership presents common challenges that confront entrepreneurs and employed managers alike.Uncertainty about how to lead effectively and what really matters is a common companion on this path. New managers are often thrown into their positions without clear guidance or preparation and are expected to learn the necessary skills on their own. Despite their best efforts, they often make avoidable mistakes.

At Melanova Coaoching, our services focus on supporting leaders in these crucial moments. In addition to support in the first 100 days, we offer tailor-made programs that are tailored to individual challenges and needs and also help experienced managers move forward:

Leadership development workshops and seminars:Practical workshops that teach essential leadership skills and provide space for the exchange of best practices.

Individual coaching for managers: Tailored individual coaching to address specific challenges and promote individual leadership strengths.

Team and organizational analysis:Examining team and organizational dynamics to promote more effective working methods and a healthy corporate culture.


Our goalis to not only alleviate short-term frustrations, but to develop long-term leadership skills that ensure lasting success.

Let us master the challenges of leadership together and lay the foundation for sustainable success. We at Melanova Coaching are ready to accompany you on this journey.

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the strong leadership team

Melanie Troxler

What gives me butterflies is when I sense that leaders want to make a difference. How they want to put all their being and all their knowledge into the success of a good cause. I am enthusiastic and support you with my entire range of experience and techniques so that the desired project is successful and the person feels secure and comfortable in their leadership role.

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Hans-Jürgen Dörrich

I particularly enjoy supporting people as a mentor or sparring partner who are new to taking on leadership roles or who have to face new challenges in difficult times. It's about trust, but also about a good overview, enriched by an outside perspective; It's about solid professionalism in decisions and focusing on what will bring lasting progress.

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Almanach Entwicklungspolitik 2016
Das Caritas-Jahrbuch zur humanitären Schweiz. Schwerpunkt: Mit Berufsbildung gegen Armut

Beitrag von Melanie Troxler und Hans-Jürgen Dörrich
Private Bildungsakteure in den Ländern des Südens:
Beispiel Don Bosco

Zum Buch: Berufsbildung gegen Armut

Fürhungscoaching Teamcoaching Luzern
Fürhungscoaching Teamcoaching Luzern

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Hands, support and solidarity in team with community in workplace, professional partnership

Seminars, workshops and coaching that strengthen and support women in taking on their leadership role authentically and naturally.


Offers for organizations to operationally implement their vision and mission and increase their impact and sustainability together with their employees.


Seminars, coaching and events for a cultural change towards environmentally conscious and socially responsible actions.

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